This is the picture of hope. Someday I will found my partner. o:)


Hujan. Dan akhirnya setelah sekian lama saya tidak mengisi kolom ‘heartstrings’, tampaknya malam ini menjadi waktu yang pas karena entah kenapa dari minggu lalu wordpress agaknya maintenance atau mungkin karena paket modemnya yang kurang bagus, jadi banyak yang tertinggal dan belum tertulis. Lalu tersadar, saya sudah 23 tahun dan saya masih belum ‘melangkah’ yang katanya kebanyakan orang pada usia 22 tahun Anda akan merasakan dunia yang sebenarnya. Dunia yang sebenarnya yang seperti apa? Sepertinya pernyataan tersebut lebih condong kepada perjalanan kehidupan terutama karir, karena pada saat usia tersebut kebanyakan orang lulus dan merasakan pekerjaan pertamanya. Seperti pada artikel berikut bagus berikut ini , tampaknya banyak sekali quotes dari orang terkenal yang bisa menjadi motivasi terutama untuk saya pribadi. Karena sebelumnya saya mengalami berbagai macam perasaan yang cepat sekali terjadi dan berubah bahkan bercampur, senang, sedih, marah, benci, cemas, hampa, ragu…

“Your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard, but also unplugging, recharging, and renewing yourself.” Arriana Huffington

You’re going to be rejected a lot. You’ll need thick skin to get through it. Oh, and work hard. That really matters. Please get that mole on your shoulder checked. And that guy you’re dating? Bad idea. Seriously.” Sallie Krawcheck

“There is wisdom in uncertainty — it opens a door to the unknown, and only from the unknown can life be renewed constantly.” Deepak Chopra

“Money will never define you. You define your money.” Suze Orman (I had it all wrong — all the things I was spending my money on added nothing to my self-worth.)

“One of the worst things you can do is sacrifice learning opportunities, growth, and valuable connections for ego and — in retrospect — paltry sums of short-term money, You owe it to your future self to make decisions today for the right reasons and the long term.” Clara Shih

“You’re responsible for your own branding from the beginning, and if you can get it done well, right at the start, and then protect it, that’s good.” Craig Newmark

“Don’t look at the clock. Learn what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. Know what to prioritize. Rise above drama. Stand out in your job interviews.” Rachel Zoe

“You should get to know people from every income level and understand their worlds. Second, is to understand the benefits of meditation, or other practices that calm your mind.” Jim Kim

“Have fun, rush less, breathe more, eat raw food, and take up yoga. Take a moment to nurture friendships – in person. Call them, make a plan, do something together — share experience. Laugh out loud every day.” Naomi Simson

“Tackle big challenges, learn a lot about numbers and words — and even more about people — read poetry, use data to guide your own behavior and drama to persuade others, move on when it’s time, be a good disciple until you’re ready to become a good leader, spend more time on your loved ones, and learn to dance.” Christoper Elliot

“Check out the book “Four-Fold Way” and spend time internalizing the wisdom.” Lora Cecere


She had blue skin
and so did he.
He kept it hid
and so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by,
And never knew.
-Shel Silverstein

They said the year is end

This is just about celebrate the togetherness. Not really want to celebrate the new year of 2013, but we think this is the right moment to make something in our home, our family.


Corns and fishes!


Ummi and Abi has bought the grill stuff. He and my sister prepared everything. I’m stuck with the sneezes and tissues on my hand. Hatchoo!

Abi bought new brackets and it was hard to burn! After 1 hour we still didn’t get any flame. My sister said “That was written easy to burn, bullshit.”


So my Dad get off the brackets into the kitchen then burn it above the stove. Well it works! After the brackets had a flame, we brought those to the terrace then my Dad also brought a big fan to make the flame bigger. “It would be easy like this!” He said.


Sounds good in the terrace but not in my home. The smoke filled the entire house! My Mom seems angry and started to complain. Whatever!

The riot also happened in the terrace. My Dad, my middle sister and I shouted each others to flame the brackets, hold the fan, bring the corns and fishes, prepare the ingredients and plate, get another tissues for my snivel and so on. What a burning-emotion-with-extra-laugh! Just out of control but that was enjoyable 😀


Everything cooked well. Although those still a ‘black’ corn. I called my Mom to eat with us. Unfortunately my little sister didn’t want to join with us. She slept earlier. We wanted you to join this happiness together indeed. But maybe someday you will, I hope soon.


Anyway today they said the year is end. Just hope for the bless and more positive things happened for the next year! Amen. 

Happy happy people 🙂

Love you, Ummi

Hello there…

I just wanna share my little experience with my Mom. Long ago I often had tiff with her. We almost didn’t talk for three days just because a silly thing (my fault). Then I realized it can’t be like that. I still remember once I had a clue to get along well with my Mom; romantic-silly-mean I think now.

Well, that time I begged a pardon with poetry. I like to write a short poetry, so I thought it really romantic if I would have apologized with that way. Then I took a piece of tissue and started to write:

Should I?

What should I do?
If I made a mistake
If that was really a mistake

What should I do?
If I hurt someone
If she was really hurt

What should I say?
To made her not to be angry
With me

What should I say?
To repair our broken things
To fix up our life again

What the matted I’ve done?
Until she didn’t hear me
And didn’t care about me
Until she didn’t see me
Although I stand straight to her eyes

Should you do this to me?
No voices..
Just cold eyes..

When should I say to you?
That I really love you
That I wanna say sorry
For every mistake
To change being a goodness

Liz 250407

I drew a heart picture at the end of poetry. I thought it would be dramatic (my exceed expectation). I placed it on the table on her room then I waited outside.
After she entered the room and got out again, I didn’t see any changes on her face. Wew, so I walked into her then I apologized. I said, “I had written poetry for you Mom!”.
Mom said, “What’s that? That’s just a piece of tissue! I didn’t understand with your hand writing!”
Great job, Liz! She didn’t understand English language. I think an ordinary way to apologize could be much better. Haha 😀
Well done! And the tiff it’s over, always with tears. Touched 🙂

Today is December 22nd, Mom’s day! Yesterday I found time to think to give a rose for Mom’s day. But it didn’t because rainy day. I also thought it could be troublesome if I give her roses with luggage for my new rent room.
My parent visited me to my new rent room this afternoon. I’m just happy to be with them for a couple hours. After a long hard-rain-riot-traffic time in a way back to home, my mood slowly down. I almost forgot to give her Happy Mom’s day’s gift. No roses. Then I remembered! I picked my Merry Berry donut that we bought a while ago, I took it into a plate then I give to my Mom.
Happy Mom’s day, Ummi! I kiss her three times! She’s happy, I know 🙂
Thank you for everything Ummi 🙂
I’m going to love you more.

Show your love as long as you can. Express it!
Happy Mom’s day everybody!


Terkadang Allah memberikan secercah harapan sebelum mencabutnya kembali
Namun saya yakin kesempatan itu masih ada
Saya tidak mau menyia-nyiakan
Harusnya memang kasih sayang itu ditunjukkan
Maaf, beribu maaf

Ya Allah beri kami kesempatan
Kk selalu sayang Zahra


The forth day of March

Ya Allah yang Maha menguatkan hati-hati hambaNya
Tunjukkanlah jalan yang terbaik bagi kami
Sesungguhnya begitu banyak jalan yang tersedia
Namun hanya jalan yang penuh cahayaMu-lah yang akan segera mendekatkan kami kepadaMu
Lindungilah kami
Sesungguhnya hanya Engkaulah Yang Maha Pemberi Petunjuk
Semoga ini merupakan pembelajaran yang Engkau berikan kepada kami
agar senantiasa tetap mengingatmu dan berada dalam jalan kebenaran

– After the invitation on March 4th, 2012

Banyak yang bilang, “Kalo lw ngelakuin kejahatan ke gw, gw bisa lebih jahat daripada lw!”

Dilihat dari aspek manapun itu jelas salah. Teorinya kejahatan harus dibalas dengan kebaikan. Tapi apa daya kalau hawa nafsu sudah lebih besar dari akal. Ungkapan tadi memang akan terjadi.

Jika lelah biarkan pikiran istirahat sejenak. Kemudian putuskan sebuah pilihan. Jangan termakan dengan pikiran kekanak-kanakan orang lain. Belajar bijak dan dewasalah.

Life could be so boring…

But you must be thankful for
a complete family,
a lot of friends,
the people who love you,
and The Almighty who always beside you…

So, rejoice the living in your life!
Be Nice 🙂

10:30 pm Jan 23rd ’12